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Jaguar Training Academy focuses on the physical, technical, tactical and psychosocial development of the player in both individual as well as team settings.

The focus of our camps is to place players in environments conducive to developing and improving their soccer skills.

The focus of our team training is developed based on team needs and status. We approach every team with the knowledge that soccer can not be played unless the basics are mastered. Most training sessions encompass conditioning, technical work as well as tactical games.

Our individual training focuses on developing a player’s technical abilities and comfort on the ball.

We look forward to working with you and your players.

Contact us for team or individual training;

Owner Coach/Trainer: Sheldon Rigby

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 732-423-4415

Field Status

Closed Closed

Crabiel Park (02:28 PM | 01/09/22)

Closed Closed

Hazlet United Soccer Complex (02:28 PM | 01/09/22)

Closed Closed

Workhouse Fields (02:28 PM | 01/09/22)

Closed Closed

Sabella Park (02:29 PM | 01/09/22)

Closed Closed

Renaissance Park (02:29 PM | 01/09/22)

Closed Closed

Middlebush Park (02:28 PM | 01/09/22)